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About Us

Langley Business Systems


As a company, we have has gone from strength to and strength and we continue to supply customers with a specialist knowledge of EPoS and CCTV systems.

 Our Aim

We aim to recognise a number of Key Frustration’s customers come up against when buying from EPoS & CCTV suppliers.

By communicating with and identifying customer issues we are able to analyse every aspect of the EPOS industry key frustrations. By doing so, we work harder to provide a solution for each and every customer to ensure customer satisfaction across the board. 

We take our customers thoughts and comments very seriously.

Our Promise

We promise to provide a high quality & efficient service that puts our customers at the core of our focus. In order to obtain this, we have strict Service Level Agreements that we use to measure and correlate our service actions and procedures against.

These agreements help us to stay on track with supplying a professional service to our customers so that we can build a promising relationship where each customer feels they are looked after.  

Our Partners

ICR Touch Leisure Supply Group Toshiba