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Langley Business Systems Management Team 

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Richard Cox

Richard Cox

I am Richard Cox, the Managing Director of Langley Business Systems.

I have been working at Langley Business Systems since I left education in 1991. At the time I joined the family run business as an apprentice engineer when the company was known as EM Services.I progressed to Engineer status by 2000 and within the same year EM Services joined forces with Langley Business Retail LTD, in order to distribute EPoS and CCTV systems to a larger market on a national and international level.

As a result of the business’s development I advanced to Sales Executive and director of Langley Business Systems. In 2006 I took over as Managing Director and became sole owner of the company. My reason for taking over as Managing Director has been down to a strong vision I have regarding Langley Business System’s future.

This vision includes my desire to provide the most efficient service to our customers, rendering the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality in sales, service, installations and administration. This is the inspiration and drive that enables me to strive for perfection, not only for Langley Business Systems as a company but for our customers who are a part of it and who are also the driving force and main focus of our intentions.

Karl Watkiss

Karl Watkiss

Business Development Executive Team Leader 

I have been working at Langley Business Systems for 7 but I have been in the industry for around 30 years.

Due to my experience and because I am involved with the every day running of the company and procedures, I have a thorough understanding of the systems we provide. This means I am able to offer customers with a thorough run down of how Langley Business Systems provide a professional service from point of sale, to a completed installation and throughout our aftercare period.  

The most important aspects of my role, is to ensure each and every client listened to and provided with the information and expertise they require for their business. As such I aim to provide clients with a knowledge and understanding of their needs, whilst also ensuring feedback is obtained to continue to improve our products and services so that our customers are getting our best every time. 

Sonia Blakesley

Sonia Blakesley

Business Development Executive - Installations & Maintenance

I have been working at Langley Business Systems as a Business Development Executive (Installationss & Maintenance) since July 2011.

My role involves managing the after sales process for each customer; this includes communicating details of the installation process, liaising with customers to obtain details of what is required to be programmed on each EPOS Solution, confirming information with the Support manager and installations engineers and finalising details of scheduled installations.

I also manage and maintain database and contract records, organise and manage customer loyalty card designs and orders, order stock, respond to complaints, communicating notifications of warranty expiration, inform customers of warranty information and benefits and manage maintenance support contracts.

In my previous jobs I delivered and verified City & Guilds Apprenticeships. I led customer service standardisation & quality workshops. Due to my experience within customer service I am able to deal with customers in a professional manner, whilst responding to customers quickly and effectively.