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The Managing Director of the AA Rosette award winning Hotel and Restaurant The Vernon Arms required an EPOS System that would replace an unreliable, hard to program and primitive front of house system, which suffered with continuous networking issues and didn’t satisfy the needs of the growing business. It was unable to integrate or cope with additional EPOS software, restricting the development and management of the business as a whole.

The Challenge

In order to cope with a recent rebrand, a newly updated menu and to track sales and account for stock, a robust and effective EPOS solution was required to support and manage communications and security via the bar, hotel and restaurant, whilst supplying staff members with a reliable system that was easy to use. Back Office and Loyalty EPOS Solutions were also needed to access, analyze and cross reference report data in order to identify customer purchasing trends so staff could make informed decisions, to grow the business whilst marketing to customers on a continuous basis. The Solution Langley Business Systems supplied The Vernon Hotel and Restaurant with four Touch Screen terminals running Front of House software In Control, which were situated within the bar and at various waiter stations within the restaurant.

As The Vernon Hotel and Restaurant places a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional dining experience to customers, Langley Business Systems installed Note and Roam to provide waiting staff with the ability to take orders using a handheld tablet or mobile device at the customers table, orders can then be sent straight to the kitchen to increase service efficiency and turn around. A Count and Control Back Office Solution was provided to ensure strong networking, management and communication between all Front of House Touch Screen terminals and to increase control of all sales, stock, account data and security.

Connect and Collect loyalty software and loyalty card solutions were also supplied to The Vernon Hotel and Restaurant as a marketing tool to reward customers for their loyalty and custom, whilst increasing repeat business. The venue now Connect and Collect to build a customer database that he can use to market promotions and localise The Vernon Hotel and Restaurant brand.

Langley Business Systems Managing Director Richard Cox suggested that The Vernon Arms also utilise Count and Control Web; a real time online reporting solution that adds additional security features by providing business owners with real time data reports that can be can accessed from anywhere in the world.


The Conclusion

Since the implementation of the system, The Vernon Arms Hotel and Restaurant have benefitted from a reduction in no sales and error corrects due to accessing reports and having full control of the business. The venue has implemented appropriate management and training opportunities for staff as and when errors have been identified. As a result, staff have become at ease with the system and now benefit from improved communications.

The Managing Director of The Vernon Arms states “the process from the point of purchase to having the complete solution installed was seamless and professional. My staff and I were supplied with the relevant information prior to our install and the training was very professional. We were also able to access additional telephone and onsite support after the installation of equipment, which meant that any teething problems were solved very quickly. Count and Control Web is also an excellent tool for tracking and measuring data in real time and it also provides me with additional security as I am away from the business from time to time, I couldn’t do with out it.”


Vernon Arms



Huddersfield YMCA R.C.F.C.

"I'm really pleased with Connect & Collect. The feature that provides us with the ability to have two seperate prices means that we can ensure members are getting better prices than non-members, giving a benefit for being a member and this has increased our membership renewal numbers by 10%, it has also lead to a small increase in gross margin.

The flexibiliy of reporting within Count & Control is great and gives me all the information I need to run my business. On top of this the stock taking and ordering features have helped us to increase GP by 2% - I couldn't be happier."



The Plough LogoThe Plough pub in Birmingham has been a longstanding customer of Langley Business Systems since it’s establishment in 2003.  

In it’s development The Plough has operated with Langley Business Systems front end point of sale solution that managed basic sales, menus, promotions and reports. As the Plough continued to grow, and after three refurbishments, one of which included expanding the garden area and increasing the amount of food sold throughout the venue, The Plough approached Langley Business Systems in 2011 to acquire a Back Office Management Solution. 

A full installation of Count & Control Back Office Solutions was implemented to manage accounts, stock and ordering processes to cope with the increasing business the pub had achieved, whilst an after-sales support service was also provided.
The Challenge

In 2013, and after another expansion to the garden area, the Plough’s propertier Adam Johnson felt it crucial to invest in the business further by implementing a loyalty solution that would encourage repeat business and increase footfall, whilst rewarding customers for their loyalty. 
The Solution 

To meet with these requirements Langley Business Systems implemented the Connect & Collect Loyalty Software Solutions along with loyalty cards for customer use. 

The Connect and Collect Loyalty Software was loaded onto a Back Office Server, whilst the program was set to communicate with the front of house tills systems. This set up made it possible for customer information to be polled back to the server every time a loyalty card was swiped, via the MSR readers on the tills situated throughout the venue. 
The Plough’s staff were trained to use Connect & Collect software so that the reporting area could be utilized for email marketing campaigns, in addition to helping staff members fully understand the arrangement & structure of customer details and loyalty groups within the program. 
Langley Business Systems also designed, encoded and printed three thousand loyalty cards complete with the Plough’s branding, to be distributed amongst The Plough’s customer base. 

The Conclusion 

The overall loyalty solution provided by Langley Business Systems has enabled The Plough to collect customer data to promote offers to customers via creative email marketing, in addition to creating repeat business & increasing customer satisfaction.

Adam Johnson has said ‘As we are constantly reinvesting in the property, we want to give our customers the best food, service & experience, possible which is why Connect and Collect has helped us in so many ways. Not only have we gained loyal customers and increased footfall, we’ve also created gift and staff cards that incentivize customers and staff members. When we get it wrong, which we acknowledge, we can say sorry with a gift card. We have had a great response from customers and the implementing of Connect & Collect loyalty was a no brainer; we are now able to provide a more personal touch, which we endeavor to maintain so that our customers feel looked after.'


The Plough Venue & loyalty cards




Worcester Warrior Logo

Langley Business Systems were instructed to install an EPOS System that would rectify our stock deficiences, give tighter management control and allow faster through out of customers. Thank you for your professional attitude and understanding of our business."


Dudley Kingswinford RFC

"Our Loyalty card system from LBS has enabled our club to:

• Offer member only discounts on bar sales

• Keep cash prizes within the club, with TOP-UPS as the prize

• Keep better track of our customers

• Direct special offers at members only.

The system has also encouraged cardholders to use our facilities more frequently as, once their money is on our system, they cannot spend it elsewhere. This has also helped to speed up transactions during busy periods."


"Since our new membership and loyalty card system was installed, the Association’s membership has increased by 100%, We have found the system to be very user-friendly and it has helped to speed up service."