Langley Business Systems

Walkin WiFi™

Langley Business Systems and Walkin WiFi have teamed up to bring you a truely unique system that runs smoothly and instantaneously. With Langley Business Systems EPoS & CCTV Business Solutions and Walkin WiFi™ Broadband, Wifi and Marketing products you have access to a fully integrated Business Solution that takes care of itself.



Walkin Wi-Fi™

Walkin Wi-Fi™

With Walkin Wi-Fi running alongside our EPos and Business Solutions you get:

* Truly unlimited broadband (with no fair usage policy worries!)
* Broadband router.
* Wi-Fi Access Point, which can be seamlessly added to, so increasing coverage if required.
* Window stickers and table top instruction cards to drive awareness of free Wi-Fi.
* Map finder and full webpage with description, plus contact details & images of your site.
* Remote management & 24hr support.
* Walkin Wi Fi’s e-mail & text message Marketing campaigns direct to your Loyalty and Wi-Fi customers every month of the year.