Langley Business Systems


Education EPOS

Every Educational Institute is different, but at the heart of each institution remains the same core value, which is to provide your students with an education that will give them the skills they need for working life.

We do not want to deflect or draw attention away from your key role, which ensures that your students thrive and your institution excels. Instead, we want to help to provide your institution with an EPoS and CCTV Business Solution that offers you peace of mind.

Our easy to use cashless systems provide your catering staff with the relevant information they need to carry out their roles. Each member of staff can glide through our customised navigation screens finding meals and taking payments quickly and through a number of ways in a busy environment. 

Our systems can also give you the reporting elements you need to make key decisions on the future welfare of your students needs, so that you can ensure your students are receiving the best quality service, in addition to providing you with the necessary data you need to relay to Governing Bodies and Accounting Departments. 

For extra security take a look at our CCTV products to help monitor your institution.