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The need for efficiency and a high standard of customer service & care is paramount when running a business, which is why our EPOS systems for the Hospitality and Lesiure industries come with a range of features that will help you establish a strong and benefical relationship with your customers, who will return to your business again and again.  

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 Case Study: The Plough Harbourne

Propertier :  Adam Johnson

The Plough pub in Birmingham has been a longstanding customer of Langley Business Systems since it’s establishment in 2003.  

In it’s development The Plough has operated with Langley Business Systems front end point of sale solution that managed basic sales, menus, promotions and reports. As the Plough continued to grow, and after three refurbishments, one of which included expanding the garden area and increasing the amount of food sold throughout the venue, The Plough approached Langley Business Systems in 2011 to acquire a Back Office Management Solution. 

A full installation of Count & Control Back Office Solutions was implemented to manage accounts, stock and ordering processes to cope with the increasing business the pub had achieved, whilst an after-sales support service was also provided.
The Challenge

In 2013, and after another expansion to the garden area, the Plough’s propertier Adam Johnson felt it crucial to invest in the business further by implementing a loyalty solution that would encourage repeat business and increase footfall, whilst rewarding customers for their loyalty. 
The Solution 

To meet with these requirements Langley Business Systems implemented the Connect & Collect Loyalty Software Solutions along with loyalty cards for customer use. 

The Connect and Collect Loyalty Software was loaded onto a Back Office Server, whilst the program was set to communicate with the front of house tills systems. This set up made it possible for customer information to be polled back to the server every time a loyalty card was swiped, via the MSR readers on the tills situated throughout the venue. 
The Plough’s staff were trained to use Connect & Collect software so that the reporting area could be utilized for email marketing campaigns, in addition to helping staff members fully understand the arrangement & structure of customer details and loyalty groups within the program. 
Langley Business Systems also designed, encoded and printed three thousand loyalty cards complete with the Plough’s branding, to be distributed amongst The Plough’s customer base. 

The Conclusion 

The overall loyalty solution provided by Langley Business Systems has enabled The Plough to collect customer data to promote offers to customers via creative email marketing, in addition to creating repeat business & increasing customer satisfaction.

Adam Johnson has said ‘As we are constantly reinvesting in the property, we want to give our customers the best food, service & experience, possible which is why Connect and Collect has helped us in so many ways. Not only have we gained loyal customers and increased footfall, we’ve also created gift and staff cards that incentivize customers and staff members. When we get it wrong, which we acknowledge, we can say sorry with a gift card. We have had a great response from customers and the implementing of Connect & Collect loyalty was a no brainer; we are now able to provide a more personal touch, which we endeavor to maintain so that our customers feel looked after.'

The Plough Venue & loyalty cards

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